Why keep training?


ACTORS! – Why do we keep training and workshopping?

There’s ALWAYS something to learn. Even the greatest actors in the world will tell you that they learn something new in every character they play, every masterclass, every experience.

As an actor you should you always want to evolve and build upon your acting foundations. Studying helps you visualize. What roles do you love? What roles do you long to master? What roles terrify you? Stretching yourself in class and pushing yourself beyond your limitations and fears can help you visualize and see new possibilities that you may not have been previously aware of.

Maybe you’ve been stuck doing one type of part. Exploring new or riskier material can ignite a fire in your belly that may have remained dormant otherwise. You may be inspired to make adjustments to your business materials, like incorporating a new look the next time you get headshots done. Or, better yet, you may be inspired to write, produce, and act in your own project.

A career in acting is a life-long process of discovery and developing techniques that work for you. This is why it is important to keep learning as an actor, to stay fresh and broaden your horizons.

Studying also keeps the love for your craft alive. Making room in your life to continue studying your craft keeps you in touch with loving what you do and being alive in the work will serve you well out in the audition world. Even the most popular actors still call upon their trusted acting coach to stay connected to their craft which proves that no matter where you are on the ladder of success, the opportunity to learn more and grow as an artist never disappears.

You keep up the training because it prepares you for what lies ahead, it keeps you focused with your creative process. It keeps you accountable to the work and will make your experience working in the business more satisfying, building positive energy for the next audition, the next Job and beyond.

One thing I know is that actors are amazing and I love them, and what I learned is that actors are forced to always continue learning. We have to try new things, we have to adapt, innovate to have big lives and keep making them bigger. Training helps you have a craft you can work on, you will gain more confidence that you can lean on, and it helps you be free! That’s what we all strive for right? But anyway, train and train because that’s when you become good, it’s not in the perfection because that doesn’t exist, it’s in the doing and the trying.

Good luck Actors ! X

Sonya Macari

Creative Acting Studios’ founder .

Please go to www.creativeactingstudios.com to explore more about the CAS team and what they have to offer.

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